How To FIX Error In My Numerology Number?

How To FIX Error In My Numerology Number?
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Numerology is all about the Good & Bad numbers and their combination. Sometimes they give positive outcome and sometimes they might end up being Karmic Debt Numbers or Bad Numbers in Numerology.

To every problem, there is always a solution. So to remove or atleast diminish the effect of negative numbers, we need to unite them with those numerological magical numbers that can help. It is very obvious that you can not change/add or remove anything form your Birth Day Date Number, but what if we add a combination that changes the life path numbers of your name & overall when combined with your birthdate numerology will result in a positive life?

How to Fix Name & Birth Day Date Number Numerology Error?

Example: “John” as we know how this name is spelled. Now how would you spell “Johhn” or “Johnn”???

This is just a small example of giving you an idea of how name numerology results can be changed but this change as to become visible in order to show its effect. Like you will have to legally “On Papers” make this type of change. The best would be to first get your genuine & actual numerology readings to first look what exactly your existing name, bithdate and other numbers are affecting your personal & professional life. After that its highly recommended to consult our specialists who would calculate all possible changes that could be made and how each of them would affect you overall. Sometimes such changes, especially if done on your own, might improve your personal/professional life but not necessarily both.

How to Fix House / Residence / Office / Business Number Numerology Error?

As you can not change your Birth Day Date, it is also not possible to change your address of your residence or your office. Such house & office number numerology can be fixed by only adding a number to existing appt number if you plan to change your office or home in future. In case its not a possibility to change but only option is to live in the same address, this can be fixed by adding a few alphabets to the building or house name. In case you only need help to get an easy solution, its always advisable to add a number.

Another Way to Simply Fix Your Numerology Number is to Add it to Yourself. You can wear a number all the time that you have found out to fix your numerology problems.

Example: Your complete address (home or business) adds up to 4 and you want it to be 7, just get a beautifully designed number “3” and hang or stick it on the back of your main entrance door. Similarly if your number adds up to 7 and you want 2, simply add 22 at the back of main door.

You would be wondering why did I not use 4 or 13 as an example and WHY 22?

It is not advisable to add 4 for some people as this might bring in bad effect as total of 7 & 4 would give 11 – A Master Number, whereas adding 13 – A Karmic Debt Number might result in an overall negative effect.

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