11:11 ? 333? What Does Repeating Numbers Mean in Numerology?

11:11 ? 333? What Does Repeating Numbers Mean in Numerology?
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The Secret of Repeating Numbers in Numerology

Mystry of Repeating NumbersDo you see same numbers repeatedly or same repeating numbers or any specific number stays during your day?

If Yes, then you must know that these numbers that show up have a specific meaning and reason of showing up repeatedly. The universe is trying to get an important message to you that closely relates to your life and people in your life. You must understand that this is in no way a coincidence of numbers repeatedly or sequentially to start appearing in front of you or even in your dreams.

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Numerology is a science, and only your belief in this science can help you understand the true & hidden mystic information that you must know.

There might be specific times when you might notice number appear and stay prominently during a specific event or circumstance of your life. Most people see such events at the time when they are about to make major decisions in life related to family, LOVE, career, business or any special opportunity. It is rightly said that “Think Before You Speak“: This means you must take time to understand, re-think, “Look For Some Signs” (Like Repeating Numbers or A Particular Number Showing up More Frequently) before you make your final word.

You might see these repeating numbers showing up in phone numbers, license plates, addresses, or you might even see a number like 5 in seemingly random and unconnected places. Never let it go as a coincidence. It’s an indication of an answer that you might be looking for in your life, or an indication of a change in your life-path, or even an assurance of a recent decision that you have made but keep thinking about it due to low confidence while making that decision or this might even be a warning for an upcoming problem or a danger…..

For example: If you see number 1 repeating, consider this as a positive sign. 1 represents new beginning and marks success in your existing life events like LOVE, Marriage, Career, Business, Home, Children etc.

Repeating “Birth Day Date” Message

If you see the Month & Day of your birthday date repeatedly, then its time you should stop and  take a pause. The universe is trying to remind you of your “life path”, your ambition, your primary goal in life that you should achieve and for which you were born, to remind you of your mission in life. If you have not decided about it yet, then its time you start working out for making your mind of what you want to be or what you want to achieve in that particular point of time in your life. These can be a short term goals or life goals. Either way this is an indication that this decision and lifepath is going to affect majorly in your life ahead.

Repeating 123 or 321

Life is not always complex. Its also about simple thinking and move on. Seeing a number “123” is an indicative sign of things being “easy as 123”. We are being indicated that we need to simply few things in life. Sometimes things in personal and professional life get complicated enough to lead us to stress. But that’s the time when we need to stop and re-think about the same situation in a very simplified way before we allow it to take it on our mind and lead us to an even complex situation where decision making can completely go wrong and badly affect our future. This moment either you delegate the decision to someone we trust or simple let go off and move on.

Seeing “321” more specifically repeated number of times or in a particular fashion or trend or habit like everytime you look at the watch in afternoon it shows 3:21 PM day after day you notice this and at exact same time you feel the need to look at the time or may be like I got up in the middle of night exactly at 3:21 AM and this happened repeatedly for a few days, then this might be an indication that we are trying to make things complex where we are supposed to re-frame our mind and analyze the situation in rather a simplest way; as simple as 123 and then move on to find a solution or a decision.

The Hidden Message of Repeating Numbers in Numerology

Message of Number 1:

Its Time for The New Beginnings. Click To Know More

Message of Number 2:

Balance of Love, Compatibility and Partnership. Click To Know More

Message of Number 3:

The Trinity of Mind/Body/Spirit. Click To Know More

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Message of Number 4:

Opportunity To Grow In Perfect Harmony. Click To Know More

Message of Number 5:

Number of Change, Stop & Think To Make A New Change in Professional/Personal Life. Click To Know More

Message of Number 6:

Time for Guidance, Duty, Service and Love To Closely Related People in Life. Click To Know More

Message of Number 7:

A Mystical & “Lucky” Number. Click To Know More

Message of Number 8:

Money, Power And Abundance. Click To Know More

Message of Number 9:

All About Completions. Its time to close things you have been working on or even let go-off now and say good-bye to start moving ahead in life. Click To Know More

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  1. Thanks for sharing such detailed information :

    I’ve been seeing number 45 a lot in past few days. Could you please help me with that? Does this mean a combined effect of 4+5=9 – completion or does this indicate collectively effect of 4 as well as number 5?

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