Birth Day Date Numerology

Birth Day Date Numerology
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What is Birthday Date Number?

Your birthday date number is calculated by reducing your complete date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format i.e. if your Birthday Date is July 4, 1971 you can calculate it as:

July + 04 + 1971

(7) + (4) + (1971)

(7) + (4) + (18)

7 + 4 + 9

20 = 2

Your Birth Date Number in Numerology is 2

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But that’s not just it. This birthday number is the life-path number. That is the ups and downs of your life in your past, present and future. Some of birthdate numbers are favorable, some are neutral and some are completely unfavorable. The birth number 2 or the life path number 2 does not only depend on properties of 2, but also on each individual number and a apart of it is also affected by the last double digit number that you get just before this final birth number in numerology.

Gathering information about meaning of each individual number and then combining then to read an overall effect on your life is too complex to compile & infer the mystic hidden information it contains. Sometimes you would also need to know how you can fix your birth number or as we call it fix the life path number.

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