House Number Numerology

House Number Numerology
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Knowing about house number can be of real importance when you trust in numerology. On one side where its very simple to find out your house number using your apartment number, building/house number, street number etc, it sometime can come out to be real scary if your house number adds-up to or reduces to any of the karmic debt numbers. So when your house number calculates to give any of 13, 14, 16 or 19, just stop & think about it twice if you plan to move to this new house.

However, if you are already living in such a house where your house number numerology calculations give any of these karmic debt number, you don’t have to panic or get worried of moving out instantly. There are a few ways to fix the numerology numbers that you can not change instantly or some that you can not change at all.



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By implementing these small ideas you can atleast stop these negative vibrations if not convert them completely positive for you.

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