The Karmic Number Numerology

The Karmic Number Numerology
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What Is The Secret of The Karmic Debt Number in Numerology?

The numbers that hold a mystical secret information and also signify the Karmic Debt are 13,14,16 and 19. These numbers take on a great significance when they are found in the core numerology life numbers, for example, the number of your birth day date, your life path number, destiny number, compatibility number and personality numbers). These numbers are also known as the ‘warning numbers’ as they might help you discover the various kind of materialistic, emotional debts in life.

A true numerologist will never reduce these numbers to a single digit as these carry the most important and hidden information which is closely related to your path of life. If these numbers are reduced to a single digit and acted-upon they might get a way different results which can be good or might be real bad. You would never want to follow anyone who suggests you to manipulate the solution of fixing your karmic debt number numerology by reducing them to single digit.

Another interesting fact about the karmic numbers in numerology (13, 14, 16 and 19) is that their effect is not the same or based on a standard. Each karmic number will have a different effect if found in different outcomes like: Destiny Number, House Number, Business Number, Compatibility Number, Life-path Number etc. Getting any of the Karmic number in each / any of these types will have a separate meaning, information and effect. So you should not get confused while finding or studying the science of karmic debt numbers in numerology.

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