The Master Numbers

The Master Numbers
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Truth About The Master Numbers in Numerology

Although there are Only 3 Master Numbers in Numerology – 11, 22 and 33, but some people consider multiples of 11 to be the Master Number series. However, to find the true meanings and know about the truth of master numbers in numerology, only these 3 numbers should be considered as master numbers. For every positive and assuring statement there has to be a  reason, and the fact that the root of each of these numbers make them The Master Number. Due to the reason that they possess more potential and are found to be highly charged, at times they also can be difficult to handle and require time, patience, maturity and inner soul peace to integrate into one’s personality and deliver their true meanings in a persons life.

These 3 Master Numbers also form a triangle to enlightenment simply as they mean vision, action and leadership / guidance to the world around the people who carry them in their numerology chart.

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